In Today’s time no matter how far we may be from our loved ones, we can stay close to them with the help of the VOXOX App. Voxox with the help of its array of communication solutions gives you the best quality service in the most affordable rates. This article is the Voxox App Review.

Voxox offers free voice calls and messages to other users with the application. You can also call non app users for 100 minutes on an amazing rate of $1 or for the same price, one can send 100 messages to US destinations and 20 messages to international destinations.

The app also give free incoming with a free US number, free call forwarding, Language Translation and Calling. Did you notice, I am using a lot of Free in this article. That’s because it is so.

With an Application for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac Systems, they have all grounds covered. And you need not worry about the services quality of the application. The Voxox App Reviews by some of the other users are all singing praises of the application with the customers highlighting not only the great services on offer but also the great support services which have won the hearts of the users.

The company is already a communications industry veteran with a number of business phone solutions. They are one of the pioneers of the VOIP technology and they are bringing this expertise to the B2C market while eyeing a widespread audience for their offering which have till now been limited to Business Users.

Currently the application is up for beta testing but shows the promises which may have some of the industry bigwigs running for their money. Although a new player in the market, it already has some a number of advantages over the existing players:

  • Targeting Non-App Users: This feature is not yet present in any of the other players in the market. By adding this simple feature, they will increase their customer base by huge margins and by not spending so much on advertising. As when one user gets on it, eventually so will all of them who receive a message from him.
  • Free Us Number: None of the industry bigwigs are currently offering this. Although Skype offers a US number but it’s paid. This will definitely solve a major pain point of a number of US residents and some even outside of US who would want a number for Business Purposes. This point is also highlighted multiple times in the Voxox App reviews online as being a major game changer.
  • Multiple Platforms: Being available on multiple platforms is already a major plus point. The more the number of platforms, the more the application user base. The more the user base the more the revenue and the more the revenue, the better will in turn the service quality become for the end users.

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