The US 491 earlier named the US 666, also called the devil’s highway boasts of a lot of myths and legends that give might give you a lot of thrills and chills. But none of those thrills even compare to the adventures which are in store for you at the Moab Cowboy Country Outdoor Adventures.

Saddled on a Custom built UTV, you will get to have the ride of your life. You can also bring your families as this is a place for family adventure. Your little kids can have the experience of being a cowboy. But instead of a horse, there is a 4×4 vehicle.


Reaching Moab:

Reaching the Moab is very easy. The highway 491 itself runs through New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. The residents or travellers from Arizona can reach there using the Highway 191, which connects to highway 491.

It’s an extremely great sight to see. Plenty of pictures to be taken. You can check out my photos of Moab Cowboy Country outdoor Adventures here “Insert Image Link here”.

While reaching there you will also be able to see the Four Corner Monument which is near the highway itself.


Why Drivers come here:

Although Moab is fun for the entire family especially kids. However, it’s also more popular among the experienced drivers. They come to test their off-road driving skills in these areas guided affectively by the staff of the Moab Cowboy Outdoor Adventures. Photos of some of the drives or rides are definitely hair raising.


Devils Highway Hot Tub

One of the most popular spots in the entire tour is the Devils Highway Hot Tub. One needs to only search this once on youtube and you can find a number of videos about this spot. Made famous by the visitors, it’s a challenge for drivers to drive their vehicles (ATV’s or other 4×4’s) down into a steep gorge filled with water and the surface is very slippery. They have to then be able to come out of there using an effective driving and off-roading technique. Many a times the vehicles are not able to come out or the drivers lose control. Sometimes the vehicle can also flip over. To prevent any such untoward circumstances, the people at the Moab have cranes nearby to lift up the stuck cars.


Adventure and Thrill:

Moab Tours are a completely exhilarating experience. No matter how tough you are but the country ride thoroughly tests the adventurous spirit in you. You get to meet other riders and families who have the same adventurous streak as yours. You get to upload Moab Cowboy Country Offroad Adventures photos on your social media profiles and with your friends to make them jealous.

You get to test your driving skills against some of the best offroad drivers in the world. You get to have a fun time with a carnival like atmosphere that gives you an experience of the old Wild Wild West.

Once someone has experienced this they will always want to come back. Clients and Visitors have always rated them highly when it comes to professionalism, a love for adventure and a great experience which is unmatched anywhere else.

I highly recommend the Moab Cowboy Country Offroad Adventures. You need to give it a try once.