North Yorkshire, created in 1972 is situated in Yorkshire and Humber and Partly in the North East England, consisting of an area of 8,654 sq. kilometres is the largest county in all of England. Located in a peaceful and quiet area, more than 40% of North Yorkshire is National Parks and a majority of the Yorkshire Dales and the Northpark Moors lie within it. Been untouched by industrialization, this heavenly place is boon for the nature lovers. The largest settlements within it are York, Middlesbrough, Harrogate and Scarborough.

The county has an overall pleasant temperature with the climate ranging from Sub-Artic to Semi-arid. Snow fall is regular in the winters with the North York Moors and the Pennines getting the most snow lasting for an average of 45 to 75 days per year.

It has stunning coastlines and excellent beachside resorts for the travellers to enjoy. Its beaches are in Scarborough to Ravenscar. Along this line is also the unused railway line which has now been converted into a lovely wildlife corridor. North Yorkshire also has a host of museums and religious places to visit which serves the need of every tourist.

Here are some of the major attractions:


  • Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter in York: Commonly known as the York Minister is the biggest cathedral in all of Europe. The seat of the Archbishop of York, It’s construction was first started in 627 and was completed by 637. However, over the years was damaged and reconstructed a number of times. In the 12th century, the new Archbishop ordered the construction of a cathedral with the Gothic Style architecture. Although even this structure went through a number of changes over the years, the current cathedral is said to have been constructed in the 12th century and is highly revered by Christians all over the world.


  • North Yorkshire Moors Railway: A heritage railway line which runs through the North York Moors National Park was first started in 1836 and was officially closed down in 1965. However, it was restored in 1973 and has earned a number of accolades over the years. Having ferried a greater number of tourists than any historical train in the world, it’s a major tourist attraction of North Yorkshire.


  • Fountains Abbey: It is one of the largest and the most well preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries in England. Founded in 1132the abbey operated for over 400 years before Henry VIII ordered the dissolution of the monasteries. It is a UNESCO world Heritage site along with the Studley Royal Park.


  • Flamingo Park Zoo: Established in 1959, it’s North Yorkshire’s very own national tourist attraction. It’s highly popular among kids with its rides and its own zoo.


  • Scarborough Castle: It is a medieval castle build along the beautiful and breath-taking shores of Scarborough. The castle site, a scheduled ancient monument is reputed to be haunted – by three ghosts, among them a Roman soldier. The 18th-century Master Gunner’s House, now a museum has an exhibition whose centrepiece is a Bronze Age sword discovered in 1980.