Spirulina a kind of cyanobacteria is today considered a superfood and is consumed by many health conscious individuals. Available in many consumable forms, this product’s first large scale commercial production started in the early 1970’s in Mexico. It was consumed by the Aztecs and the Mesopotamians as a staple diet and was described by the Spanish soldiers as being eaten as a cake.


Why is Spirulina so important?

Spirulina is considered the most nutrient rich food known to man. It consists of Protein, Vitamin B1, Iron, Calcium Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3 and Copper to name a few. It also consists of many other nutrients which are great and absolutely necessary for the human body. Its consumption can lead to a number of positive effects on the human Body.


Effects on the Human Body:

  • Complete Nutrition Supplement: Many of us are not getting a proper healthy diet or we do not even know what a healthy diet consists of. Spirulina has all the vital proteins, amino acids and vitamins which are necessary for the complete and proper functioning of the human body. On its own it can provide the vital ingredients which any human being needs to come out of any health issue. If consumed, it also helps you create a balanced diet which is important to sustain a healthy mind and body.
  • Antioxidation: Oxygen although vital for the human body is also the same element that that makes us grow old. Today people spend a lot of money on anti-ageing creams and other cosmetic treatments, but imagine if a food supplement could help you achieve the results? Spirulina reduces the effects of oxidation on the human body thus helping human beings look and feel younger than their age.
  • Improves Blood Pressure: According to some studies, consuming Spirulina regularly keeps your blood pressure under control. Ofcourse you would have to add a healthy lifestyle into the mix as this only enhances the effects but cannot create such effects in a completely unhealthy body.
  • Fights Allergies: We all face some or the other kinds of allergies as soon as the season changes. And no matter what we do, we cannot seem to shake them off before their stipulated period and still they return again every season year after year. A continuous consumption of spirulina has shown remarkable improvement in the allergy fighting abilities of the human body. Compared to the users on placebo, the users on spirulina showed a decrease in coughing, sneezing, watery eyes or itchy throat.
  • Reduces Weight: Spirulina helps reduce weight and keeps the BMI level effectively steady. We try working out, eating healthy but when it doesn’t work as quickly as we want it to, we start to take some pills which do more harm than good to the body. Instead you can consume spirulina daily to help keep your weight under check and look great.
  • Helps reduce Cholesterol: Body needs some cholesterol in order to function effectively. However, there is a distinction between good and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol chokes the arteries of the human body and in turn reduces the amount of blood flow to and from the heart. This can inadvertently lead to a heart attack. Regular consumption of spirulina keeps your cholesterol in check and this reduces the chances of a heart attack.
  • May Cure Arsenic Poisoning: There have been studies to suggest that spirulina may have the capabilities to cure arsenic poisoning. A large number of people all across the globe who work in factories have suffered some form of arsenic ingestion which can cause a poison in the human body and may lead to a fatality. Regular consumption of Spirulina is said to cure this poisoning as well.
  • May Cure Cancer, Especially Oral: Cancer is one of the major causes of deaths all over the world. There are a number of medications which are available for curing or managing cancer which may have some other side effects on the human body. There have been studies which suggest that regular consumption of spirulina can help reduce cancer causing lesions in the mouths of people consuming tobacco. Another study conducted on animals shows reduction in tumours and cancer occurrence. Also the fact that there is no side effect to taking it.


Spirulina is definitely a superfood with so many qualities and effective properties with no downside whatsoever. I recommend that you should try it at once and yourself see and feel the positive effects on your body and life.