Radiohead just confirmed that they will be performing at the Glastonbury festival of 2017. With the band guitarist Ed O’Brian saying “I would love to. I go to Glastonbury every year, it’s my carnival. To be asked to play at Glastonbury again would be magic. I also think Glastonbury is like our spiritual home. It is the mother of all festivals… there’s nothing like that one… It would be great to play there.”

Some of the other acts rumoured to perform there are Lady Gaga and Daft Punk among others. With this news most of the tickets of the event sold out.

With their last album “A moon shaped pool” already out in May 216 with much critical acclaim, and becoming their sixth number one album in UK and the fifth to be nominated for the mercury prize, the fans are very excited.

Radiohead Bio:

Having formed in 1985, nobody could have thought that they would reach the no 1 album spot both in the US and UK Charts so many times. Especially not their headmaster who actually charged them for using the rehearsal room on a Sunday.

Yes, they all went to the same school called Abbingdon School in Abbingdon, Oxfordshire. While band frontman, guitarist and singer Thom Yorke and bassist Colin Greenwood were in the same section, Ed O’Brian and drummer Phil Selway the year above and the multi-instrumentalist Johnny Greenwood, two years’ junior. Johnny had previously been in another band called Illiterate hands with Nigel Powell and Andy Yorke. Since they were formed on a Friday, they decided to name their band so. “On a Friday” as it was called, performed the local circuit. One day at their performance, Chris Hufford being impressed by their performance offered to create a demo tape for them. And he became their manager ever since.

The band signed a 6 album recording contract with EMI and subsequently changed their name to what is now on every music lovers toungue, Radiohead. Taken from the song “Radio Head” from the Talking Heads album True stories.

In 1992, they released their first single Drill EP to poor response. Their second Single Creep began making waves in the charts and radio stations. But it had mixed reviews. Then came their first Studio Album which also failed to make any mark. However, over a period of time Creep started becoming famous and chart topping worldwide and its music video was released which became quite popular on MTV. They had become instant stars.

After the success of CREEPS, the expectation was high among the fans and the Radiohead members along with producer Nigel Godrich, began work on their second Album in 1994. Their second album “The Bends” featured some critically as well as commercially acclaimed songs such as Fade Out, High and Dry, My Iron Lung. This helped them change their image from one hit wonders to a capable band with a huge fan following. However, the success of Creeps still could not be replicated.


In 1997, the band released its third studio album, “OK Computer”. This album became one of the biggest hits of their career earning then the number one spot on the UK charts. Although it got a 21 on the US charts, it earned the band their first of the three Grammys. They were compared to the Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”, which was a huge album and a cult status in its own right. The band toured all across the globe over the next year.

Then came the depression and almost splitting up. The band members were disillusioned with the life of a rockstar and they began to have writers block and severe bouts of depression. This as it happens in the life of many a musician or creative person. They feel their creativity leave and they feel so depressed that they almost lose all sense of self and go down the road of drugs and addiction. But thankfully, they powered through and in 2000 released their third Album “Kid A”.

“Kid A” became the biggest UK album since 1996 to reach number one charts in the US. It won two Grammy awards It has also been consistently ranked as one of the best albums of all time by the Time and the Rolling Stones Magazine.

Their fifth Album “Amnesiac” came out in 2001 and it topped the UK album charts and became number two in the US. Their sixth album “Hail to the Thief” was as they said inspired by the election of George W. Bush and the chaos the began since.

The band then went on a hiatus with the artists working on their own solo works and claimed a lot of success individually. Lead Singer Yorke created his own debut album which was well received and got some mixed reviews.

The band then began working on their next studio album called “In Rainbows”, which they released on their website on a pay as you want model. This was revolutionary in the music industry with the concept allowing the listeners to pay whatever amount they wished to download the album. They could even pay nothing and download the album for free. This has come as a revolutionary idea in the music world.

Their 8th album released in 2011, but in the meantime, they had all been working on their solo careers and Yorke found another band called “Atoms for Peace” and had multiple concerts along with them.

In 2012, an hour before their performance in Toronto the roof of the venue collapsed killing their drum technician and 3 of their support staff. They have since performed concerts in the memory of their crew.

Yorke was involved in a conspiracy with several statements issued over the music retailing organisation Spotify. However, things have been sorted out now with their latest album releasing on Spotify.

Radiohead Trivia:

Radiohead has won 3 Grammy awards for the best alternate music album, has received 3 Q Awards and has been nominated for 10 BRIT awards but unfortunately has never won any. It’s three singles have appeared in the Billboard Hot 100 Charts.