Rob Kardashian the star of the Keeping up with the Kardashians and Rob and Chyna has had an amazing transformation. He had gained over 100 pounds between 2014 and 2015 and was unfortunately also diagnosed with Diabetes in December.

The reality star keeps a low profile than the other members of the Kardashian Clan. He shared his before and after pictures on Instagram in mid-April this year, saying that he had lost over 50 pounds with more to go. Since then he has lost even more.



Black Chyna, his girlfriend and the to-be mother of their child has shared that she is the one who is training him and he will get a lot fitter as time progresses.

Rob has named her as his inspiration for the weight loss. “Looking from where I started 298 lbs to my current weight now (248.4 lbs),” he shared in April. “I’m focused and determined to reach my goal weight 200-205 lbs …. Happy I found my motivation.”


Rob has been following a strict diet and workout plan. He says that his goal weight is 200 pounds which he looks ready to achieve.



What he was like before the weight loss:

Before the weight loss the young Kardashian was a goofy looking man. He had a reputation of being a loner and was always uncomfortable with being photographed as he felt insecure about himself. Having gained some 100 pounds he had to face a lot of ridicule and for this he was always insecure.

After the weight loss:

Ever since his weight loss and his dating his girlfriend Blac Chyna, he has become more confident and sure of himself. Now a star of his own reality show, he has changed his fortunes around. He is looking to drop a lot of kilos to be able to look even more fit. Recently on Instagram, he even shared a shirtless video with Blac Chyna on her Instagram account. With a huge number of followers on the social media, he has become an inspiration to a number of youngsters who look up to celebrities. Many people all over the web have been appreciating this change and have been applauding him for his efforts.



How he lost his weight:

Since Rob Suffers with Diabetes, most of the things which a regular guy can do to gain a great physique are unavailable to him. According to credible sources, he and his trainer have come up with a special diet for him to follow which he has been following strictly. He gets no cheat days and his girlfriend makes sure of this and helps him workout and keeps him strong.

Workout Plan:

Rob is not a workout freak but can still be found working out every single day to achieve the level of fitness required. His team has been making him go through rigorous workouts which even though he hates, he has been going through like champion. Now that he has seen the results, he is even more confident of achieving greater results.